Here’s what some of the industry leaders are saying about Niko . .

  • Niko Weis has taught the head instructor of some of the leading snowmobile specific avalanche training companies in the industry.
  • Niko and Todd are the the most qualified and experienced snowmobile specific instruction company on the planet!
  • Combining the résumé of Niko Weis with one of the industries top rider Todd Eberts, you get an experience unparalleled in the avalanche industry to date.

Quotes from students following Niko’s training

  • “If I had more teachers  like you I might have stayed in school.”
  • “. . . I feel like someone has kicked open the door and my eyes are adjusting to the light.”
  • “I learned more about snowpack in your 2 day course than I did at the CAA Level One.”

More . . .

“Hi my name is Rene Wissell. Myself and a group of friends participated in a avalanche course conducted on Brohm Ridge through the Black Tusk Snowmobile Club in January of last winter. Niko and Todd where the instructors. It was the best course I have done in a long time. The information and knowledge that Niko has is incredible, he teaches you what really matters what you need to know to make wise choices and stay safe out there no matter the conditions. I learned how to properly utilize my beacon if I am ever in a situation to need it. Also how to read snow and understand the different layers etc. What I’m saying here is if you sled and don’t have an avalanche course you are a complete idiot I strongly encourage everyone out there to do a course from Niko Weis. Do it! Take the course for safety of us all. Safe sledding! . . . Braaaapppppp”

Rene Wissell, self taught rider of 5 years

“The man is a true teacher in every sense,his ability to bring humour into the cold harsh fear of an avalanche is amazing. Going into a course thinking I knew it all or at least the bare essential was blown out of the water when the whistle blew.We did ok but a few buried beacons died that day in the field. In the end I rode with more confidence and was also able to pick riders that would be able to save me as well as I would save them. The course was a life saver even though I have sledded for 30+ years we can always learn more.”

John Lejeune, self taught rider of 5 years
I signed up for the two day avalanche course hosted by the Black Tusk Snowmobile Club with the group of guys I ride with on the regular in January 2013. I had taken an AST1 course a year prior and was looking for something more geared for sledding as opposed to ski touring. Our instructors for the weekend were Niko Weis and Todd Eberts. The course is extremely hands on and Niko and Todd teach by showing you examples of what to look for and how to look for it, then test your practical knowledge.Thanks to them, my riding group’s dynamic has changed for the better, we all look at things differently and are continuously reading and accessing terrain. I highly recommend taking a course with Niko, get the people you ride with involved and stay safe out there.

Keely Baumgartner
Niko is using terms now that you won’t see in the textbook for 20 years

Quote Author, self taught rider of 10 years

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